Interactive Video Wall System, Touch Screen Kiosk and Commercial Displays

Interactive commercial displays act as a magic wand that binds the interests of the viewers with the live events & activities all around the world. It gives an interactive platform to the viewers, where they virtually indulge in the activities going-on across the seven continents.

Basically Interactive commercial displays enclose all the required display solutions ranging from commercial TVs to large screened displays featuring live activities around the world. Standard commercial displays comprise of wide range of stylish systems with efficient commercial display solutions. It also comprises of rich texture of colors with ideal combination that reflects crystal clear pictures for perfect and optimal viewing. Further, it also matches the wide array of viewing requirements in the hotels, restaurants, offices etc.

Commercial monochrome LCD monitors or TVs is an excellent source of Interactive Commercial displays. The commercial TVs with large screen, if used at the organizational level can be used to provide innovative business solutions for the offices, stadiums, hotels, theatres and many more. These commercial monitors can create a one-of-a kind interactive displays and an excellent outdoor digital signage display for the masses.

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  • Interactive Whiteboard TV Interactive Whiteboard TV

    Multi points IR touch screen or Capacitive touch

    with multi-funtion application software

    Equiped with multiple signal interfaces optional

    Aluminum alloy with front access touch frame module

    Intelligent black board detecting features

  • Magic Mirror TV Magic Mirror TV

    LCD Screen auto activated by sensors.

    Auto detect the approaching of the person.

    When the sensor is triggered,it can used be a mirror.

    Power can turn on/off automatically every day.

    Interactive magic mirror with touchscreen optional.

  • HD-SDI CCTV Monitor HD-SDI CCTV Monitor

    Professional design for Run 24x7x365 continuously.
    Multi I/O: CVBS / DVI / HDMI / VGA / BNC / HD / SDI optional. 
    Super high brightness LCD/LED Panel optional.
    Widely used for HD 1080p 1300TV Lines camera.
    Optional PIP/PBP multi display function.

  • Smart Information Kiosk Smart Information Kiosk Eco-Friendly Power Timer.
    Automatic Switch Machine.
    Multiple Inputs: HDMI/VGA/DVI/USB/COM optional.
    Multi Hardware & OS Windows, Android, Linux optional.
    IPS Commercial Grade Panel and multi touch screen.
  • wifi bus advertising screen wifi bus advertising screen DC 6V~36V wide power no trouble.
    Shockproof and Scratch-resistant.
    Full perspective/high brightness screen.
    Support Split-screen and Cloud managing system.
    Use software to update information remotely via wifi.
  • Ultrasound Image Display Ultrasound Image Display

    Felehoo offer cost effective medical monitor/open frame.
    High quality components, the power saving mode.
    Multiple input signal, and image full Visual angle.
    A short video response schedule, smooth, clear.
    Built in a number of dedicated Gamma curve.

  • 0mm Zero Bezel Video Wall 0mm Zero Bezel Video Wall

    4K UHD video wall top display solution

    0mm zero bezel- no black color bezel gap

    cost effective in limited budget

    easy split screen with software control

    mobile/wall/stand/optional bracket

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