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Network Media Player Box with Linux system

  • Price: US $150.00
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1,with AV(HDMI) input port.

2,with HDMI output port.

3,RJ45/USB2.0/VGA/AV/HDMI interface.

4,Free software for terminal device management.

5,Ehternet/WIFI/3G is optional.

6,Can display TV program on Video zone when connected with set-top box of the digital TV.

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    Network media player box are emerged as a kind of professional advertising tool when you have LED TV or Monitor in hand. Compared with normal network digital media player box,the difference between the two is whether media player box can connect with the set-top box of the digital TV, and then terminal device can display TV program or with advertising photo at the same time.

    You can consider to use the player box when you need publish some information or product advertisement for the public

    easily via network.You can pick up Ethernet/wifi/3G as the type of internet connection you want.when you need a machine

    for advertising, you only need purchase our media player box, and then you can connect the box with TV or Monitor, The

    TV or Monitor will display related advertising content according to your requirements.

    You can manage these content of advertisement in your computer via our software,the software is free.and you can use one

    software to manage no quantity limits terminal device(the box).

    The whole image is divided into two images, the left images zone display TV program, the right zone display picture.Besides,

    you can see the calendar and date-time above two images in custom border. The scrolling marquee will display under these

    images. Besides, above two zone, which can divided into much more different image zone according your requirements in the

    following,and you can real-time information from network in left zone. Except for video and picture,it can display plain-text

    announcement in video zone.You can see these words scrolling down to up.

    OS Linux
    CPU arm Cortex-A8 / 1GHZ
    Memory DDR3 1G
    Storage 4G(up to 32G is optional)
    Input Power DC 12V
    Update files:

    USB/CF/SD Card, RJ45 port, WIFI SIM Card

    (3G network : WCDMA is optional)

    I/O DC/HDMI*1/USB*2/RJ45 *1/TF-Card/WIFI
    Multi-User Management Yes
    Connected Screen Unlimited
    Security License, USB Flash Disk
    Support Video Formats

    Video( HD-1920*1080P)MPG,MPEG,RM,RMVB,AVI,DAT,MTV,MKV,


    Support Audio Formats


    Support Photo formats


    Other files supported


    Weather etc.

    Software Structure

    Based on B/S

    Hardware Feature Low Poer consumption, Good Heat dissipation, Industrial design-fanless, low noise
    Software Feature Multi Split screen/ Time Control/ Rolling titles/ Hardware Watchdog

    The feature of product:

    1. Hardware Features:Low power consumption,Good Heat dissipation, industrial design- fanless,low noise

    2. Software Structure:Based on B/S

    3.Main Feature:Multi-user Management; Connected Screen:Unlimited; Security:License,USB disk

    4. Support Format: Video( HD-1920*1080P)MPG,MPEG,RM,RMVB,AVI,DAT,MTV,MKV,WMV,



    Picture: JPG,GIF, PNG,BMP

    Others: Flash,PPT,PDF,WORD,EXCEL,RSS,WEB PAGE,LIVE TV,Weather etc.

    5. Multi Split screen:no limited in size,position,draft to design with different content and template,to preview the programme in advance.

    Programme Arrange:Every Terminal can play different programme in different time,can be control led in any time,include voice,on/off.

    6. Time Control:Build-in clock and calendar function in the system.

    Real time clock and programmable timer for auto on / off and play list provision.

    Content Strategy:Monthy/Weekly/Daily/Self-define.

    7. Rolling titles: various display modes for titles (fonts and colours of letters,background colours, the relative attributes of rolling directions in horizontal or vertical can be adjusted).

    8. TV Function: display TV program on Video zone when connected with set-top box of the digital TV.

    9. Special Feature:Every terminal can be controlled the download speed;Support save the command when the terminal is offline.The command will be done when the terminal is onine.

    10. Program distribution mechanism:Support Multi-server program distribution, distribution band- width can be controlled;Support Breakpoint transmission, file integrity checking, distributed

    state feedback.

    What is Linux Network Media Player box?

    Linux Network Media Player box is a kind of electronic media player which connect with LCD or LED Monitor/TV via VGA or HDMI,which shows information,advertising and other message. Compared with normal network digital media player box,the difference between the two is whether media player box can connect with the set-top box of the digital TV, and then terminal device can display TV program or with advertising photo at the same time.

    What benefits you get of using Linux Network Media Player box as marketing tools ?

    Linux Network Media Player box is the way forward for customer communications in the 21st Century.If you only need connect it with Monitor or TV when you need this to play advertisements.

    Linux Network Media Player box allow you to get your message to your customers at exactly the point where they are most likely to make purchasing decisions, at precisely the most effective time in their shopping experience. So your profits go up as your costs go down!

    And Linux Network Media Player box can make your communications more efficient, deliver a return on investment and make for a better customer experience.

    Why choose felehoo Linux Network Media Player box ?

    1. Shortest time. We always try our best to respond your inquiry fastest, which is really very helpful for solving your problem at any time and get 5-star after-sale service;

    2. Cost-effective. Felehoo not only provides good quality products, but also takes saving your

    cost into first consideration to provide our most professional suggestion to help building and

    maintaining our long-term business relationship;

    3. Language advantages. All of our sales get very good English communication ability, they are all able to speak and type fluent English, guarantee smooth talking or Email communication, cooperate effectively with us;

    4. Quality Guaranteed. All of our Felehoo products use top quality materials, finished products 1 year quality guaranteed;

    5. Save your dollars. We cooperate with several very professional forwarders, for saving your shipping cost a lot, together with good price advertising player products.

    6. Providing ability. 7days manufacture time, fast leading time, best after-sale support;

    7.OEM/ODM service. We have engineers, professional team for your OEM service requirements.

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