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40 inch LCD kiosk floor stand digital signage totem

  • MODEL: FH-KU400C
  • Price: US $480.00    Promotion Price: US $400.00
  • Quantity: Inquiry for the Wholesale price

1,support playing content update with USB.

2,Automatically and cycle play when power is on.

3,Support playing music and photo simultaneously.

4,Support 5 groups of automatic power on/off Timer.

5,Built-in Clock and calendar function.

6,Capable of setting scrolling marquee.

7,Split-screen and Playlist function is optional.

8,Support 1080P Full HD Display.

9,Built-in mini speaker(2X10W).

10,HDMI/VGA is optional, it also can be a monitor.

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    floor stand digital signage totem for shopping mall,chain stores public palce

    Felehoo 40 inch floor stand digital signage(FH-KU400C) is a LCD Display with an integral media player, Media files are stored and played back from USB or SD memory card. When you boot the machine up, it would auto read those files(video/photo) from memory card simple one. Plug-and-Play, that is, If you plug memory card into the card slot, the screen will auto display video or photo.


    1). Adopts high transparent tempered glass (6mm thickness) as protection layer to prevent LCD panel being broken and distorted.

    2). Full Metal outer shell and 6mm tempered glass as protect layer against LCD Panel.

    4). LCD Panel, Full New A grade standard.

    5). Locking system for anti-thieves, prevented the player and storage devices from being stolen.

    6). Password can be set to protect the contents and lock the keyboard of the remote controller.

    Optional Items:

    + 32inch, 42inch , 55inch, 65inch, 70inch more size click here

    + Network WIFI wireless, 3G wireless, advertising issue software update with Android OS or built-in Mini computer,based on Windows OS etc.

    +Touch Screen All In One model is optional, infrared screen 2points, 4points,6points,10points ... up to 32points is optional.

    retail digital signage suppliers,shopping mall commerical displays price

    Main Function:

    Ads updated type USB copy by manual operation
    Plug-and-Play Plug-and-Play / No windows OS, Auto loop play when power on
    Playback Mode Repeat one/all,choose to repeat playback one file or all the files
    Daily timer switch Power can turn on/off automatically at the designated time every day
    Play logs Auto generate all detailed play record in memory card
    Photo slide show The interval time can be adjusted,5s/10s/15s/30s/45s/60s/120s/180s/250s is optional
    Date-time display

    Built-in Clock and Calendar, After you setting up date and time,the media play can show them

    Scrolling marquee

    You can set up background color,font size and how fast marque scrolling

    Timing function

    It can create five sets of timing periods a day, settable in a week(7 days) with 24 hours unmanned


    DIY Boot Screen User can use any JPG picture files as boot screen,or even video capture. This item is optional.
    Logo Display

    User can make a JPG picture(240X240 pixel) of own Logo, the upper left-hand corner of screen will

    show this logo when play video or photo

    Playlist Function

    We can offer you playlist software, you can edit and rang those ad files which stored in memory card, it

    will automatically play them one by one in the specified order.

    Advertising spots

    Some one advertisement(like your company promotion video) can auto insert into the one which is

    currently playing video ads, you can set up the interval time, such as 10 minutes or 20 minutes.


    Free to split screen ,many mode to select (options are full screen ,two split screens,three split screens and

    so on ) according to your needs

    Break point memory

    Enabling resumption of playing the present playing content on break point memory which the machine

    automatically recorded in case of breaking

    Time Volume

    User can set up different volume at different times, different db volume for morning and night separately,

    or holidays and Special occasions.

    Anti-theft lock

    It can prevent U disk and broadcast content from theft; At the same time, the content can be encrypted.


    Screen surface with ultra-thin, high-transparency toughened glass or acrylic protection layer to protect

    the LCD screen from artificial damage

    Standing ( An optional that we can install wheels to make the machine more mobile unless you need )

    Optional Items:

    Based on Android OS Solution

    CPU Quad-Core RK3188 Cortex-A7 1.0GHz
    RAM 1GB
    GPU Dual Core (Optional Quad-Core)
    ROM ( internal memory ) 8GB (Up to 32G is optional)
    OS Android 4.4 or above
    Decode Format
    Video Format MPG,MPG-1,MPG-2,MPG 4,AVI,MP4,MOV,WMV,RM,RMVB,etc.
    FHD 1080P Video YES
    Picture Format JPG, BMP,PNG,etc.
    Text TXT
    Audio Format MP3,WAV

    Product model FH-KU400C
    Screen Panel Size 40"
    Backlight type LED
    Brand Felehoo
    Aspect ratio 9:16
    Resolution 1080 X 1920
    Visible Area(mm) 518 X 925mm
    Dot Pich 0.484(H) X 0.484(V)
    Brightness 500cd/2
    Viewing Angle Full Viewing Angle
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    Number of colors 16.7M
    Response Time 8ms
    Input Voltage AC 100~240V
    Power Consumption 240W
    Audio Output Built-in min speaker ( 2 x 10w)
    Life 60,000hrs
    Dimension 1804 X 644 X 80 mm
    Gross weight 60kg
    Installation Standing
    Input card slot 2 X USB2.0 HDMI/VGA is optional)
    Storage Media Default USB flash disk (SD card is optional)
    Download Media Auto copy from USB
    OSD Language Chinese / English (Optioal: French,Russian,German,Italian,Spanish,Japanese)
    Display Effect Support 720P/1080P Full HD Video/Picture Display
    Support Video Formats AVI,MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,VOB and DIVX(5.0/6.0)
    Support Audio Formats MP3
    Support Photo Formats JPG
    Support Documents Formats TXT
    Operating system Plug-and-Play / No windows OS, Auto loop play when power on.


    Business Organizations

    Supermarket, shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, hotels, restaurants,

    travel agencies etc.

    Financial Organizations
    Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops
    Non-profit Organizations
    Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools;
    Public Places

    Subway, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums,

    museums, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers;

    Real Estate Property
    Apartments, offices, commercial buildings, property brokers;

    Movie theaters, fitness halls,clubs, massage rooms, bars,cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops, golf


    What is floor stand digital signage?

    Felehoo floor stand digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information,advertising and other message. Advertising Signs(such as LCD, LED) can be found in public and private environments,such as retail stores and corporate buildings.

    Advertising using digital signage system is a form of out of home advertising in which content and

    messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to

    specific locations at specific times.

    What benefits you get of using floor stand digital signage as marketing tools ?

    1, Use floor stand digital signage to your advantage by having your customers promote your company.

    2,Your customers share your products promotion information.

    3,Strengthen your brands image

    4,Increase in-store and online traffic via word of mouth advertising.

    5,Increase customer loyalty.

    6,Use your floor stand digital signage as advertising to promote brands and drive new additional revenues for your business.

    floor stand digital signage is the way forward for customer communications in the 21st Century.

    It allows you to get your message to your customers at exactly the point where they are most likely to make purchasing decisions, at precisely the most effective time in their shopping experience. So your profits go up as your costs go down!

    And felehoo floor stand digital signage can make your communications more efficient, deliver a return on investment and make for a better customer experience.

    Where floor stand digital signage can be used?

    Felehoo floor stand digital signage is perfect digital advertising display at retail points and public locations where you want to display your digital advertisements repeatedly, and don’t require changing / updating your advertisements content frequently.

    Felehoo floor stand digital signage can be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:

    1) Play private wealth management products advertisements when placed on the Bank;

    2) Play advertisements / public information when placed on large-scale shopping mall ;

    3) Play advertisements / public information when placed on the star-level hotel hall;

    4) Play advertisements / public information when placed on metro station;

    Used in different public areas, such as hospital, school, waiting hall etc.

    Which size of floor stand digital signage do you have?

    At the moment, The screen size range of floor stand digital signage includes:


    We also offer low cost solution floor stand digital signage with smaller size like 19"/22"/26"/32"

    Why choose felehoo floor stand digital signage ?

    1. Shortest time. We always try our best to respond your inquiry fastest, which is really very helpful for solving your problem at any time and get 5-star after-sale service;

    2. Cost-effective. Felehoo not only provides good quality products, but also takes saving your cost into first consideration to provide our most professional suggestion to help building and maintaining our long-term business relationship;

    3. Language advantages. All of our sales get very good English communication ability, they are all able to speak and type fluent English, guarantee smooth talking or Email communication, cooperate effectively with us;

    4. Quality Guaranteed. All of our Felehoo products use top quality materials, finished products 1 year quality guaranteed;

    5. Save your dollars. We cooperate with several very professional forwarders, for saving your shipping cost a lot, together with good price advertising player products.

    6. Providing ability. 7~15 days manufacture time, fast leading time, best after-sale support;

    7.OEM/ODM service. We have engineers, professional team for your OEM service requirements.

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